What should be the place of love in life?

What should be the place of love in life?

There can be 3 places of love in life…

First > Love for life
Second > Love with loved ones
Third > Love a man or a woman

The first is “love of life“.

Love for Life

In this situation, you should love what you are, what your work is, what you can become, what you want, what your dreams are, how successful you can be, how capable you can be.
You should love what God has given you.

Even a tree is alive. But it cannot even move from it’s place. Even those people who are mad are alive. But because their mind is not right, they do not realize life at all.

So in such a situation, if you have love for yourself, desire to do something, have immense love for your work, then you too can become Sir APJ Abdul Kalam or Sachin Tendulkar.

It was being told in a video that when Sir APJ Abdul Kalam was asked why didn’t you get married, Sir, he said, I can’t remember.

Guess how much he would be in love with his work that he didn’t even remember that he have to get married too!

Everyone should have this love. For some work, for learning something, for some goal.

In this way your life gets a direction. You don’t wander anywhere in life. Things like restlessness, depression, anxiety never bother you.

At the same time, you are constantly doing something or the other for your goal, the purpose of your life. As a result, it is the root cause of your happiness and joy.

That’s why there must be love inside a human being and this love can be with anything created by nature.

Love with loved ones

The second one is “love with loved ones“.

Who are loved ones here?

First of all your parents, your family. Then your friends, relatives. Your teachers and finally this whole world.

You can definitely give love to your parents and family who are partners in your happiness, security and development.

If you honestly observe all your life, then you will find countless people whose big or small favors are on you. So nothing else in return but you can at least give them love. Yes, to see this, you also need an attitude of gratitude.

So even if you don’t find any man or woman to love, you don’t have any goal to love, still life will be short if you just want to repay all those people’s favors with love.

The one who gets such a feeling does not want to get love from others, but wants to give love to others. Such people become great and are worshiped on this earth. His great work is the love given by him to mankind. Such work which benefits others for ages. Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi all had such love.

Love for a Man or a Woman

The third and the most talked about is “the love between a man and a woman“.

This is what everyone understands as soon as love is spoken.

It is not man made. This is a law of nature.

Love is something that makes you feel complete.

Don’t know how many of you must have felt love to that extent. But those who have done will be able to understand my point.

When a man and a woman are deeply in love with each other, they become each other’s source of happiness and reason to live.

Now here I am not talking about the love that people do for lust.

Nowadays boys and girls consider sex as love. Many have sex first, then express their love. Means if sex is good in both, then they fall in love with each other.

Here couples consider the satisfaction they get from sex as love.

See, real love never happens in 2-5 minutes. It takes a long time for this to happen.

When you slowly understand someone, spend time with them, talk with them, fight with them, find commonalities in differences, you get used to them. You like their company in everything. Then real love happens.

Where nowadays people look for space in a relationship, in real love people find each other. Without each other, even the happiness of the whole world seems incomplete to them.

When you need someone and only that one for physical and mental happiness, then understand that you have fallen in true love.

That is, when you start experiencing completeness with someone, then it is called love. Not clothes, the mind is kept open in such love.

Whoever has experienced love to this level must have felt something which I cannot describe in words. It is a state of mind which can be experienced but perhaps cannot be explained.

That means just someone’s company becomes so important for you that you can give your everything even your life for him/her. These are not imaginary things, it is the reality of two lovers.

When you fall in such love with a man or a woman and get it in return, then you can feel that completeness in life.

But there are many rules to get this kind of love in life. Laws that are natural. Without following those rules nature is not going to give you such love.

What are those rules?

I will tell this in another article. That’s all for today. If you have any doubt or query on this topic then you can ask me. Also, by sharing this article, contribute to clearing the misconceptions people have about love.

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