What is Love?

What is Love?

If I say in one sentence then love is the reason for happiness

There is nothing in this world which is not related to love. People understand love to mean a relationship between a male and a female. But in reality, love is the root cause of everything in the world.

Why do you do anything?

Because you love that thing. You don’t do all the work for necessity.

To do all the big things like getting success in business, earning a lot of money, any new invention, traveling the world, gaining a lot of knowledge, one must love that work. Without love, you can fulfill the needs, but cannot achieve success. Can’t become best.

Sachin Tendulkar is known as the god of cricket because he got huge success in cricket.

Reason “Love“!

His love for cricket…

An engineer who loves engineering makes a new machine. Whatever is around us, all the inventions are the result of someone’s love. Mobiles, aeroplanes, even Quora too.

That’s why love is the reason for happiness because without love you will not get happiness in any work.
If you love food, then you can be happy even after eating something.
So this is love.

Now let’s talk about the love that happens between a male and a female.

Consider it a law of nature that when a male and a female become one mentally and physically, they become complete.

That is why it is natural for a male and a female to pair up with each other. So it is natural to have love.

Remember, we don’t make love just for the sake of having sex. Even those whose reason for love is sex, their love is insensitive. Nowadays, this kind of love is seen more and more. Because of which people have started defaming love itself.

But love doesn’t mean that. Love is really a beautiful tool to overcome our loneliness. When love becomes very deep transparency comes. If you love someone very much, then automatically you will start sharing everything in your mind with him. This is called becoming one with the mind in other words. This is called listening to each other’s heartbeat. Because when a couple shares all the things in their mind with each other, then they start understanding and knowing each other in a very good way. This is called two bodies becoming one soul.

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